Should you need more information on the UK Franchise, please email the CEO of Execz on ceo@execz.co.za

Benefits of this Franchise:

The Franchisee will own the right to market and become the UK Franchisor and able to franchise the business everywhere in the UK.



1. Own the Trade Marked™ brand in the country – EXCLUSIVELY - under a license agreement

2. Operate the Franchise with the least interference from the Franchisor

3. Operate the Franchise as a trading as under your own company's registrations

4. Choose and rent your own site or offices

5. Pay very low Royalty and Management Fees

6. Use your own banking account and financiers

7. No barriers in terms of industry or professions – geographic barriers are limited to country borders.

8. Become part of a global brand – leverage off an international network – and do business internationally with other franchises as part of a JV agreement.

9. Obtain marketing material at ZAR (South African) Prices

10. Share and get unlimited pages on an International global Websites – own www.execz.co.uk - that is supported by sophisticated Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) mechanisms.

11. Share and network with other international branches in Joint Venture set-ups to increase revenue streams internationally.

12. Use any recruitment system that will work for the specific country.

13. Share an international business network and database.

14. Receive support, advice and help from the Brand owner

15. Receive a Franchise Manual and all documentation, legal agreements, brand images and everything you want to know about how to make a success of your recruitment business.


Three months free support:


Marketing material:


  • Receive 200 high end company folders with artwork and printed on high –end paper  delivered by DHL to your door.

  • Receive three sets of high-end  business cards delivered by DHL

  • Get specially made UK Execz Agency profiles by a leading graphic art studio custom made for you with your address and contact details

 Website Publishing & E-Searches 

  • Get three months free website Publishing and Marketing support – to help to get you going!

  • Get three months free support in advertising your jobspecs on Execz Employment Portals

  • Get access to two expensive paid-for portals to search CVs for a period of 3 months.

  • Get access to a sophisticated CV search tool that exploits Linked-in to look for candidates and CVs


More on the EXECZ brand:


The Execz Brand was designed to incorpate the company’s acceptance into the Islamic community while portraying a pleasant look and feel that is unique. The Circle refers to infinity and infinite business possibilities while may refer to the creative, innovative nature of the company as well as some feel for femininity for future business positioning in the Business to Business field. The logo is complimentary and is supporting the different brands in the Lorrenmor Stable.


Brief Growth History of Execz


Execz Executive Placements has been in business since September 2007. The first year of operations was the research, planning and set-up phase. Marginal business was conducted during 2008, while in 2009 the company founded its feet through marketing efforts and brand re-positioning. The company re-established its strategy during July of 2010 and expanded its client base and re-evaluated its niche market.  Since then the company has grown its turnover with more that 500%.




The very successful Execz website can be seen on www.execz.co.za



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