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Why use our services instead of employment hubs?


An honest view from Execz!


Thank you for visiting this page. Employment hubs in our perspective has its place to collect CVs etc. employers can use to their benefit, However, please consider the following:


1. Have the candidates you have found on employment hubs been properly



2. How much time and effort will you spend reading hundreds of CVs?


3. Why is it that the frustration levels of recruitment employees in your

   company is so high with both existing recruitment agencies and

   employment hubs?


4. Why is your cost in your own company to recruit employees so high?


5. Who and what are you interviewing and how?


6. You have spent considerable time and effort in devising your business

    strategies. Do you have the necessary specialist skills in your organisation

    to place the appropriate employees that will assist you in executing your



7. Why are you getting so frustrated in your search for the right people?


8. Why is the turnaround time for placement so long?


The list goes on.  We believe that employment hubs create a false sense of optimism with people, both the employers and job seekers. Frankly there are also many recruitment agencies in the industry that follow a shotgun approach. They act as post offices and will send the employer vast numbers of CVs hoping that one CV will hit the target. This practice has harmed our industry considerably, especially considering that at Execz we employ qualified HR practitioners who work hard at maintaining the best service levels to our clients.


The time, effort, screening, pre-screening interviews, matching, integrity checks, background research etc. will take a huge amount of time from your human resources and recruitment employees in your company thus allowing less time for them to match a candidate to your strategies etc.


It is therefore that Execz provides this service to your HR and recruitment employees.


Using Execz instead of employment hubs will guarantee the following:


1. We will not waste your valuable time. Our searches for the correct people

    are specific and our matches as close as humanly possible.


2. We do not spam our clients with inappropriate CVs. if we cannot find the

  correct person in time, we communicate that to our clients. We remain

  honest to our clients at all times.


3. The integrity of our short-listed candidates have been/will be checked.


4.  Our sourcing of candidates is specific and we specialise in finding the

     correct candidates - reducing turnaround times and finding the right people

     with the right skills.


5. Be wary of job hubs, recruitment agencies that market themselves saying

   that they have thousands of CVs to choose from. Frankly, they want  YOU

   to pay THEM to do THEIR work. This, in our view is not honest business

   practice. Execz also has a database of thousands of CVs, however we feel

   that your database of CVs means absolutely NOTHING if you are looking

   for, for instance, an engineer that is hard to find. Highly professional people

   do not spend their time placing their CVs on databases - in fact you will

   not find a highly professional person's CV on a database easily. 

   These skilled people, will, when they are in the market, search for the

   appropriate job with the appropriate salary. Then they will apply for it and

   not waste their time.


6. Another issue Execz has with job hubs is that when a company

   subscribes to such a hub to look for CVs, they will find their own people's

   CVs on their too. This means a company's employees may be exposed as

   looking for employment. We all know that confidentiality in companies is

   paper thin. 


7. Don't get us wrong, we do believe that one can find a good CV on a job

    hub, however our experience is that there is so much useless CVs on the

    job hubs, as well as their search functions usually a off-the-shelf products

    that posts more misses than proper results. This means your internal

    time+costs+effort = a waste of company resources and we all know that

    in  modern times we must use time optimally in efforts to manage costs



8. Ever found that you receive the same candidates from the same number of

  recruitment agencies? This is symptomatic of recruitment agencies being

  too lazy to do deeper searches for the right candidates. That is why Execz

  has been so successful on the African continent - Its about doing our work



 Execz offers to do all the tedious and hard work for your company so that

 your recruitment and human resources employees can do their work faster

 and better. So that you can free capacity for more important work in your



The argument that recruitment agencies are expensive is not really true if one considers the impact of the internal recruitment processes vs. outsourcing. At the end of the day its about appointing the right recruitment agency. 


Execz offers a retainer option for companies, flexible payment terms for smaller companies, and we are definitely not the most expensive, our entry fee is 14.5% on annual CTC.


Please contact us should your require more information about our Labour Consulting Services, Human Resources Solutions and Training Seminars.


Thank you for reading our pages!


The Execz Team


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Counting the cost of recruitment

The general assumption is that recruitment agencies are expensive. Nothing can be further from the truth. So says Executive Search and Recruitment firm, Execz Executive Placements CEO, Errol Smith.

“If one considers that companies who do their own recruitment have to pay full-time employees for the function and that there is always a fair chance that they may hire the wrong people, it can be far more costly for companies in the long run,” he says.

Smith says using a recruitment agency will save the company costs in terms of not having to add a recruitment consultant to the wage bill and not having to advertise the position in the media, which in itself is a very expensive exercise.

“Also, if one considers the time spent on artwork, cost per centimetre column, the expensive adverting hubs and job portals, the hidden costs, not mentioned here, may run into thousands,” he added.

He says a common mistake by companies who regard recruitment agencies as too expensive have a short-term view on the matter. “Imagine an HR practitioner who needs to do recruitment while also doing other work. Many man-hours will be lost by doing interviews.  The selection process in itself is time-consuming. Considering all the factors, doing one’s own recruitment may run into the tens of thousands of rands.

Then there is risk. Top talent today are hard to come by due to a number of reasons.  It is our experience that companies who do their own recruitment through their normal HR employees also require them to do a lot of other HR work too. They lose valuable time due to the process being cumbersome. The costs of losing out on top talent can also be huge. He says that the skills shortage for high performers in South Africa has resulted in companies needing to employ only highly talented A-players for their internal HR teams as the value of recruiting top talent for an organisation cannot be measured in monetary terms.  Smith says the race for employing top people is intensifying – this means your recruitment consultant in your company needs to be top talent while speed and urgency makes or breaks.

He says according to research conducted by Topgrading™ gurus in the USA, the costs of a miss-hire to a company can be as much as the total annual salary of the incumbent. However, if one hires the right talent it can mean an increase of between 20% and 30% on the company’s bottom line.”


Smith says recruitment agencies such as Execz have managed to become very efficient in managing the costs described.  They also offer a guarantee that if the candidate leaves within the first three months, the next placement will be done free – this resulting in yet another cost saving to the company. Most importantly, some recruitment agencies, again in the case such as Execz, has a customised fee structure, rendering the recruitment process even more affordable.  “Companies who decide to use Execz exclusively for their hiring needs will be given an even better rate, especially if there are a number of job specifications entrusted to our company,” Smith says.

He says agencies such as Execz has built up a large database from which they can source the right candidate quickly. This eliminates frustrations and, most importantly, the time taken during the process to on-board the candidate.  Smith again emphasised that the time factor remains the most critical as the perfect candidate may be hired by competitors if the company takes too long to decide or if their internal processes are too cumbersome.


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Demand for 50+ year-olds to increase in the Job-market

“Excuse the dust as it has been on the shelf for a while, but I have a really matured, sleek and moderately expensive one – that tick all the boxes and that’s been waiting for a great opportunity such as this.” This may very well be the answer you’ll get from a top recruitment agency in future says Executive Search Firm, Execz Executive Placements,  CEO, Errol Smith.


He says companies will have to look at incumbents that may even be more than 55 years old.  Most of them tick all the right boxes and most of them are informed about managing their health and stress. The most important factor is that most of them have a wealth of experience and know-how.  They are - and carry within their heads - the real institutional knowledge of the organisation.


It would therefore be very prudent for any organisation to look within their ranks for these solid performers and protect and retain them as far as possible.  The question is why are organisations so sensitive in hiring people over the age of 50?


It is within our experience that older employees seem to be mindful of costs and how to manage budgets more efficiently.  Smith says that in most cases people at the age of 50+ are very productive. Most of them would have stopped smoking, they seem to be at work very early to miss the traffic and they work later for the same reason – so they tend to give the employer more value in return for the wage-bill.


They are also skilled at looking through the clutter and when it comes to delivery seem to be spot-on with what was required. You will find your solid and core talent of your organisation fall with the 50+ age group.


It’s not surprising that Great Britain changed the retirement age to 67 for people retiring in 2028. It will affect more than 8 million people. “Factors such as life expectancy and people living longer and having fewer children may have driven the UK’s decision,” says Smith.


“Countries such as Finland and Iceland have statutory retirement ages set at 67 and 68 respectively. Ireland’s retirement age is 66.  A 55-year old has about 11 to 12 years to work before retiring. Considering people stay at companies on average three to four years, a 55 year-old may have three tenures left.  We need to move from the mind-set that people who are 55 and over do not have the drive, energy or passion. Nothing can be further from the truth,” Smith emphasizes.  


Besides, with our country’s national skills crisis and the exit of SA’s top talent to other countries – the time to pick and choose - and appoint the young 40 year-old highly qualified and networked person that ticks all the boxes and who is a regarded as an industry high flyer with a proven performance track record - is over.


“These people are already in senior executive positions and the package to attract them will have to be huge – that is if you can find them,” Smith added.  We know of companies who have interviewed more than 20 senior high flyers for an executive job and still couldn’t find the right person. They have now contacted us to assist them. This is an indication that the talent pool is continuing to shrink.  It is also an indication that South Africa’s skills crunch is worsening.


“The over-all talent level of people applying for jobs are becoming a huge challenge for our country says Smith. Employment Equity candidates that are ticking the right boxes are also becoming extremely expensive and even multinational companies are frowning on the salaries these top people are expecting – especially in the mining, engineering and services sector. These salary expectations are just not sustainable, says Smith.


He added that the views expressed by many business leaders that South Africa’s skills are mismatched are in fact being felt in the recruitment industry. “The question is not that we do not have skills, the question is whether we have the right skills,” he says.   With the high unemployment rate it is frustrating but also and heart-wrenching to see how many people apply for a job that’s being advertised and who do not match the requirements at all.  He says the trend reaffirms the notion that organisations will have to seriously start looking at the 50+ age group for the right skills requirements.


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