About Execz™

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Execz™, a registered trade mark wholly owned by Lorrenmor (Pty) Limited  was established in 2005.

The company’s mission is to develop high performing and above average human capital within organisations nationally as well as globally by applying best practice in the recruitment process.

The company’s Human Resources and Recruitment business trades in the USA, Africa and the Middle East as Execz Human Resources “Execz” and Execz Executive Placements.

Execz’ vision is to become South Africa’s most sought-after One-Stop Labour Solutions Agency and preferred recruiter for top companies. We believe employees are a company’s most valuable internal asset and regard it as important to ensure that a new incumbent will complement the existing culture and structures within an organisation.
Global Sourcing Capabilities

Sophisticated Systems

With our sophisticated sourcing systems and methodologies, our expert recruiters can assist organisations to acquire the best talent they need to remain at the forefront. At Execz we take great care to ensure that job profiles are perfectly matched. The Agency has the ability to source top talent, both locally and globally, rendering the Agency’s combination of both local and global capabilities attractive for permanent, project-based contract and temporary employees for clients who conduct business in a vast number of industries.

Evaluation, Selection and Screening & Integrity Verification

Execz has the ability to implement High Performance Hiring (HPH). This methodology is a hybrid Competency Framework Interviewing (CBI) and Topgrading™ selection process that is implemented to recruit high-level decision makers for organisations. The Agency is also supported by sophisticated integrity background research system and Psychometric testing capabilities.

Solid Client Base and Continuity

The Agency’s client base consists of listed companies on the Stock Exchanges of the world and well-known petroleum, engineering and construction firms, financial services organisations, large transport operators in the Central Africa Region, North East Africa, multi-national engineering firms in the Middle East (Saudi Arabia and others) and multi-national corporate clients that include Construction, Transport and Logistics companies, Local Governments in South Africa as well as national entities such as SETAs (Government approved Training Authorities for Industries). Execz is a sustainable and mature business that assures business continuity for our clients.

Vast Fields of Specialisation
Our Agency specialises in a vast field of industries, professions and disciplines. A complete list of our industries and professions can be viewed on our website on www.execz.co.za by clicking on “current jobs” on our Home Page. However, for purposes of our profile it can be mentioned that our strengths lie within sourcing leadership (Senior Executives, CEOs, technical specialists as well as support employees for our clients. Through the years Execz opened up its services to include most industries known as to fulfill its value proposition to its clients in being a One-Stop Recruitment Agency.

Centre of Excellence

Execz employees subscribe to a value-system that emphasises ethical business practice.
The Agency is a high performing entity driven by living the company’s values and always aspiring to being a centre of excellence. The Agency prides itself on its service delivery and is committed to building lasting business relationships.

Technical Sourcing Capability

Execz has access to and serving on its recruitment and selection panel, mature and expert Human Resources Practitioners (HRPs) with many years’ experience and who are assisted by technical experts from the Engineering Profession (all fields), IT, Construction and Transport and Logistics industries. This enables the Agency to recruit and select candidates with high skills for introduction to its clients.

Affordable and Competitive

Execz has understanding for organisations being prudent with regard to efficiencies. The Agency wishes to support its clients during challenging global business conditions and has subsequently adjusted its fees to be highly competitive. Execz, being considered to be affordable, also has in place suggestions for a structured payment agreement should clients be under pressure to manage cash-flows. The Agency is always open to negotiate the best possible cost structure with its clients.

Truely Global

Execz is a proud international business player and supports the national priorities of the countries in which in conducts its business. It is driven by values, it respects the values of the civilised world and it upholds the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights Charter. Our company is vehemently fights human trafficking in all its forms!

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